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When burning, please use caution.


If you would like to obtain a burn permit please visit the main hall Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

Those having a burn permit CAN NOT burn while the burn ban is in effect. Burn permits are not issued during the burn ban.



Rural 7 Fire & Rescue is a volunteer department in Goldendale, WA serving in Klickitat County. Our goal is to serve the community and communities around the Goldendale area in keeping them safe. We respond to fires of all types and in all types of terrain and the rescue goes out on calls from vehicle accidents to people who are having health issues or may have had an accident.

We have two functioning departments within one department: 1. Fire Department 2: Rescue Team. The Rescue team is a separate branch in the fire department. Volunteer members can serve on both departments.

Klickitat County Rural 7 Fire & Rescue currently employs three full time employees: Chief, Assistant to the Chief, and Administrator. All activities of department are overseen by Rural 7 Board of Commissioners. All other personnel are volunteers.

A map of our service area is available for view as a pdf file.


Most Recent News


On April 9th, 2015 one of our fellow firefighters and rescue member, Ronnie Bazzel Jr. and his 7 year old daughter was involved in an MVA. He is at Emanual Hospital in Portland, OR with several broken bones and some other issues. There is a fundraiser to help with medical bills. If you are interested please donate here:






Firefighter of the Year: Gerry Zager

Rescue Volunteer of the Year: Ronnie Bazzel Jr.

Life Saving Award: Ronnie Bazzel Jr. & Rod Knopes

(These awards were for the year of 2014)

For information on all current fires in our area please refer to the websites below.








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